Meet the Owner

Hey y'all, I'm Nakayla!

As a kid, I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I grew up. Somehow, I ended up pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Social Work. I later went on to pursue a Master's Degree in Human Services. My goals & achievements have always been service oriented; except now, I'm here for your pets.

I've cared for dogs for more than 15 years ranging from less than 10 pounds to larger than 75 pounds. I have the experience, available space & enough love & care to give to your fur baby. Champ STRONG Kennels is a home based business & I provide pet care from the comfort of my home. I'm also a member of & insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

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History of Champ STRONG

I first welcomed Champ home in January of 2011 & he was there for many of the milestones in my life. He was there when I got my first apartment, my second apartment, my Bachelor's Degree, my first house, my first car purchase, my Master's Degree, good times & the bad. He was one of the things in my life that always remained good. He was always excited to see me & brighten my days. He was hands down, without a doubt, the best dog ever.

In June of 2017 Champ developed ulcers on his corneas, which led to infection & him having an emergency surgery. Sadly he lost his left eye but his right eye was saved with a graft. Over $2,000 in medical bills added up so I began selling "Champ STRONG" t-shirts & apparel to help cover the costs. Champ was with me for one more year until his health started to decline & he passed away on "Good Friday", May 30, 2018. Like his name, in the end he put up a good fight, but thankfully he no longer has to.

After Champ passed away, I no longer had a pet of my own to care for so I went from selling Champ STRONG apparel to offering pet care for others. Champ is the reason & inspiration behind my brand & my logo features his actual paw print from his final moments here. His memory will forever live on through my brand & through Champ STRONG Kennels.

In addition to pet care services, Champ STRONG apparel & pet items are available for purchase & I also offer custom design printing by request. Click on "Shop" for more info. Special thanks to my oldest sister for the name inspiration. #ChampSTRONG


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